Marvel Is Being Sued Over The X-Men The Animated Series Theme Song?

Regarded as one of the greatest animated shows based on comic books, the 1990’s hit “X-Men: The Animated Series” is under attack due to similarities to a 1980’s Hungarian cop show’s theme music. Despite the series being absolutely amazing in and of itself, one thing that immediately captured the attention of the children watching it, was its amazing theme song.

According to news outlet TMZ, Zoltan Krisko, representative to the estate of the late composer Gyorgy Vukan, reportedly filed a lawsuit against the animated series theme song. He claims that the song seeems to be based on Vukan’s theme for “Linda“. “Linda” was a Hungarian cop show that ran from 1984-1991, and has a intro theme that largely resembles that of the series in question.

The lawsuit calls out and names the defendants as Marvel, Disney, Fox, Amazon, “and more”. TMZ says the lawsuit claims that “all the success the (X-Men: The Animated Series] franchise achieved for Marvel and many other companies is a result of the iconic intro and, as he claims, stolen theme song.”

Check out the songs below and tell us what you think. Are they similar? Is it worth a lawsuit?


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