Odin and Freya’s first-born, Angela, cut her way into “Marvel Heroes 2016” this past week and Gazillion Game Designer Anthony Gallegos dropped by to give us the scoop on the avenging assassin and all her sword-wielding goodness. Man oh man, Angela? That’s a super cool character to pull out of the hat. What was the thinking behind bringing her to the game?

Anthony Gallegos: Well, this was actually the result of a fan vote. Awhile back we held a pole with, and the fans were encouraged to go there and vote for who they wanted to see in our annual hero releases. Angela was the clear winner, so we made good with our fans and tried to bring them a faithful version of her character. That, and you know, she’s a crazy powerful melee fighter and now the sister of Thor, so we really wanted to get her into the game! Angela is still a fairly new addition to the Marvel Universe. Considering that, did the team feel like they had more freedom coming up with her kit?

Anthony Gallegos: In some ways, sure, but we still poured over the relatively few Marvel comics available for inspiration. Her run with the Guardians of the Galaxy and her very own comic helped us form the basis for our take on her powers. Also, it shouldn’t be understated that our community had a lot of great ideas that they posted about in our forums, and we definitely looked to that for inspiration as well. Speaking of her kit, what exactly is she capable of? How are we going to be crushing skulls here?

Anthony Gallegos: Angela defeats enemies with a variety of melee and ribbon attacks. It sounds silly when you first hear it that she has these deadly ribbons, but if you read the comics you see that they’re quite capable of being wielded like extra appendages. You can play a pure melee build that relies on her bladed bow, swords, and axes, or you can mix it up and include a variety of very pretty ribbon attacks that allow Angela to clear out a bunch of enemies at once. You won’t find her shooting guns or anything like that, though. Angela is a melee brute, and we definitely wanted to get that across.