Lost Boys Coming To CW?


The Blood Sucking Brady Bunch is back again...
The Blood Sucking Brady Bunch is back again…

The CW has recently announced that it is working on a television adaptation of the 1987 film The Lost Boys. With Rob Thomas (iZombie) leading the helm, the series is set to be a seven season, anthology style series.

Season one will take place in 1967 with the whole series spanning over 70 years. so while the setting and story will change, The Lost Boys will still be young and wild with them possibly questioning, what does it mean to be immortal? With the eighth and final season of Vampire Diaries on the way, hopefully we get to see a new take on the Vampire world.

With the show set to span seven seasons with each season being a new decade, I can’t help but wonder will we see the boys in Santa Carla? Will we get a new take on future vampires as well? It would also be refreshing to see a dark and edgy take on Vampires like the original film along with a new and much needed fresh start to the franchise.

TheCW_logolarge_960x540Along with The Lost Boys, Warner Brothers Television has four more film to tv adaptations set to hit the small screen with Training Day for CBS, Lethal Weapon for Fox, Frequency also on the CW, as well as Time After Time for ABC. Hopefully one of these is a winner and please say it’s The Lost Boys!