Loki Disney+ Series Cast Owen Wilson

Disney and Marvel Studios are looking for well known big name actors to add to their gallery of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) members, and the new Disney+ series “Loki” just seemed to snag an unlikely comedian. Owen Wilson is being reported as being casted in a “major role” for the Disney+ series starring the trickster god himself.

Loki had previously died in the MCU during Infinity War, for real, but was “resurrected” in Endgame via the inclusion of the tesseract and some time travel nonsense, thus bringing to us this new Disney+ series.

Sadly, the character that Owen Wilson will be playing is unknown to the public as of this moment, Comicbook.com reports that the character Wilson will be playing is a major one.

Kevin Fiege has also alluded to the fact that this new series will be directly tied to the next Doctor Strange film, “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness“. That being said, there may be potential that Owen Wilson could perhaps show up in a full fledged Marvel production.

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