Logan…The End…

A Swansong

I was almost 7 when the original X-Men film came out in 2000. I remember when Wolverine made his first appearance and I thought he was the coolest person to ever exist. Wolverine, and in turn Hugh Jackman, was the whole reason I even had any interest in the X-Men. It’s a character many of us grew up with in film and had the pleasure and benefit of not seeing him recast or rebooted. Of course there has to be an end. Spoilers are ahead.

I’m not going to go into the storyline or what happened at what point. The film played out like almost any other superhero movie especially when it comes to a character like Wolverine. He gets dragged into a mission and ends up saving the day. Even before seeing the film, I already knew that Logan was dying, Professor X (Patrick Stewart) was a shell of his former self and battling alzheimers, and that X-23 (Dafnee Keen) was going to take Logan’s place. That all changed when Xavier died. It was almost a Game Of Thrones moment. No one was safe. With one dramatic scene after the next taking you on the journey to Wolverines ultimate demise, it was impossible to take your eyes off the screen.

That being said, there were a lot of real  and funny moments. Seeing Xavier deal with his age and the fact that he just doesn’t care what comes out of his mouth anymore was hilarious as it was serious. Logan trying to communicate with Laura (X-23) when she first speaks was brilliant. Even watching Stephen Merchant balance the line between comedy and tragedy as Caliban was beyond memorable! All of the actors, and I mean ALL of the actors, shined and showed their importance within the story.

Wolverines final battle cast a black pall over the audience. You knew it was the end. You knew he was going to die, but you really can never prepare to see your favorite character take their last breath. I cried. This is a character I’ve loved through all of the good and the bad for 17 years that has grown with me. But as the end came, I felt relieved. Logan is dead. That’s it. No reboots and no remakes. There is no coming back. Logan went out on top and I can’t think of any better way to do it. Thank you.