Listen To People React to the Original 1978 Halloween Movie (Found Audio)

1978 Halloween Starring Tony Moran and Jamie Lee Curtis
Although you don’t actually see the audience, their screams are enough evidence that The original Halloween definitely has a place in the annals of horror history.

Being born in 1993, I didn’t really get the pleasure of seeing “the classics” when they first hit theater and television screens. I had already heard about Halloween and had seen an extremely edited version of the second movie on my grandma’s tv.
1978 Halloween Starring Tony Moran and Jamie Lee Curtis
That doesn’t mean I don’t remember the impacttThat Halloween had on me though. I still remember the goosebumps, the shortness of breath, and the fact that nothing could take my eyes off the screen, especially when it comes to the films intense finale. From the point where Micheal busts through the closet to where Loomis peers over the balcony to see the outline where Micheal had just fallen is one of my favorite cinematic moments. That moment is exactly what this reaction video shows and how the audience responded. Take a look for yourself and hopefully you can relive a memory or two. Just don’t have any nightmares…