LEGO and Nintendo Team Up

Nintendo has always been known for being very conservative with their products, yet in recent years they have become a little more liberal when it comes to licensing. This can be seen with their new partnership with the children’s toy company… LEGO.

With a cryptic video released on Twitter by LEGO, they announced a new project featuring the most famous video game character of all time and their brand of building toy.

Not much is in the video, other than what is obviously Mario taking on a more brick-ish form. The video pans down to reveal Mario’s stomach which has a revolving mystery block within it, as to symbolize the mystery of this announcement, before it cuts the logos of LEGO and “Super Mario“.

Now, what this project is is currently unknown. It could be a physical LEGO set with minifigures and all, or it could be hinting at a LEGO Mario game. Perhaps a crossover between LEGO games and the Mario Maker titles.

LEGO told us, “Something fun is being built! Stay tuned…” So I guess we will have to do just that.

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