Latest News: The CW’s President Lets Us Know What To Expect On The Future Of ‘Supernatural’


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It comes as no shock that the CW network president Mark Pedowitz announced that its longest running series ‘Supernatural’, shows no signs of slowing down!

Although he would not confirm as to whether the series will be renewed for a 14th season (something they generally announce at this spring at The CW Upfronts in NYC), I think we can all safely say it’s happening.

During a recent interview with Deadline, Pedowitz was asked about the series future. “Next year would be Supernatural’s 300th episode,” Pedowitz revealed, “which is remarkable.”

When asked how many more seasons Supernatural run for he answered , “That it’s entirely dependent on how the show’s stars, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, want to continue. “That show will go on as long as it keeps going, the boys keep doing it and the ratings keep holding,” Pedowitz explained.

***Just in case  any of you need a reminder, Back in August 2016, Pedowitz announced  that “As long as the two actors are happy with where the show is headed and their roles, the network had no plans to end it. Jared and Jensen are both very happy and like I said earlier, I’m thrilled with the creative direction of the show, This is the same answer I’ve been giving for years.”
Jared himself has stated he would love to go 15 seasons!
That being said, Some fans are starting to feel that ‘Supernatural’ is veering away from what made the show so amazing in the 1st place and that is the dynamic of the Winchester family. The show has taken some major risks in the past and not all have panned out as expected. This season I am finding it personally a bit hard to stay tuned. That family dynamic is lacking and the storyline has a lot of pot holes. Gotta say, not sure how I am feeling about the Scooby Doo crossover and the Arrow crossover is really gaining momentum on possibly happening….
the cw's supernatural kim rhodes, jared padalecki, and jensen ackles
Wayward Sisters
 With the midseason premiere just a mere 10 days away, the episode is set to serve as a backdoor pilot for the highly anticipated spinoff ‘Wayward Sisters’. Unlike there last backdoor pilot ‘Bloodlines’ which aired during the 12th episode of season 9 (worst season of the show to date), only to never be seen again, Wayward Sisters is using characters that have been tried and true to the series for several years now which gives fans the character connection to make this spinoff more successful! Only time will tell!

Supernatural returns Thursday, January 18th, at 8/7c on The CW.


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