Latest News: ‘Psych: The Movie’ Announces Its Latest Casting Return With Ralph Macchio

I’ve Heard It Both Ways!!!

Has it been 3 years already since the last episode of PSYCH titled “The Breakup” appeared on USA! Since its departure, USA has had more lows than highs, and I will tell you why! PSYCH, Burn NoticeThe Dead Zone, and Monk were a HUGE reason for the USA Networks Characters Welcome!

After the announcement by Cary Elwes back in April , that they would be filming ‘PSYCH The Movie’ this coming July, I have kept my ears to the ground for any new information and it paid off, 2 weeks ago, we announced that Zachary Levi was cast for the movie, and now PSYCH has done it again, and this time by announcing fan favorite Ralph Macchio (Officer Nick Cornforth).

Cary Elwes at Indiana Comic Con

According to EW, Ralph Macchio has been cast in Psych: The Movie and will reprise his role as Officer Nick Conforth. Appearing during season 5 in a Police Academy parody, Macchio would later return in a different guise during the final season in an absurdist reboot episode. For the film, he’ll be sticking with the Conforth character and helping Shawn and Gus with their big investigation. Speaking about the character’s role, creator and writer Steve Franks had this to say:

“He’s actually a big catalyst to get our investigation going. He holds one of the key pieces of information. He actually functioned perfectly within the framework of the story and that was kind of the key [to bringing his character back].”

Though the character will serve a function in the plot, Franks also admitted that part of the reason he brought Macchio back was because he never got to meet him during his previous guest star appearances. With the show shooting in Vancouver and Franks and the other writers in California, things just didn’t align. The new production, however, will finally bring everyone together.

Conforth will also be helping Shawn and Gus to track down the Thin White Duke, the villain Levi will be playing in the film. With Psych‘s penchant for pop culture references and guest stars, expect Macchio to be just one of many fun cameos in the upcoming film.

Psych: The Movie premieres on the USA Network this December.


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