Latest News: Fans Of the CW’s Supergirl Launch Petition In Protest To Schedule Change


After it was announced that The CW would be making a midseason schedule change fans of hit series Supergirl are speaking out!

Unveiled last week, The CW’s midseason lineup sees Supergirl return Monday, Jan. 15, in its usual 8 p.m. time slot, followed by the series debut of Black Lightning in DC’s Legend of Tomorrow‘s spot. From there, it gets a little dicey, as Legends wasn’t moved to a new night, but will instead resume its season on Monday, Feb. 12, in Supergirl‘s time slot.

Confused yet? The Season 3 finale of Legends will air on Monday, April 9, with Supergirl returning the following week, on Monday, April 16. Needless to say, some fans aren’t happy about the Girl of Steel’s nine-week absence.

petition launched last week on calls on the CW President Mark Pedowitz to alter course, and move Legends of Tomorrow to another night:

Today it was revealed that Legends of Tomorrow will replace Supergirl at its Monday timeslot from February 12th til April 16th. In response to this we the fans are calling for Supergirl to not be changed or Legends of Tomorrow to be moved to another night.

To have a 9 week break to let another show have its time is obsurd [sic] and it will tarnish the shows viewer ratings as it will be off for over two months and a lot of people will wonder if the show has been cancelled or moved elsewhere.

This is a petition to try and fight for whats right.

More than 4,000 supporters have signed the petition, which argues the hiatus will negatively affect Supergirl‘s ratings.

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