Knives Out Review: The Success of Rian Johnson

Now this is a fun movie, it is an especially fun murder mystery as well. Rian Johnson got it absolutely right with this movie and its original script, keeping a sense of meta storytelling throughout the film.

Note there will be no spoilers within this review

If you don’t know what the film is about, it follows the very basic idea of a murder mystery. An investigator and trooper arrive at a beautiful and huge estate, when they arrive they are then thrust upon the scene of the crime where the 85 year old leader of the family has been murdered. Now the investigator and trooper must find out whodunnit, having only his quirky family members to go off of.

Elaborating on the original whodunnit movie formula with a modern feel, “Knives Out” plays off the old tropes found in original whodunnit’s and keeps you guessing throughout the film. Nowadays, most murder mystery films are rather easy to guess within the first few minutes of stepping into the theater, but this one actually keeps you guessing with a load of twists and comical turns that keep you off the path to discovery.

The film also plays off the hammy and cheesy performances of its veteran actors, with them delivering hilarious lines and comedic actions that only this all star cast could accomplish. It really adds to the overall feeling that Rian Johnson was going for with this film.

The film, at points, felt somewhat reminscent of another amazing whodunnit… “Clue“. Embracing the comedic aspect of the investigator and this group of ragtag potential murderers.

At the time of writing this, the film currently has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 4/5 on IndieWire. The film nailed the comedic timing and managed to keep me entertained through the entirety of its runtime, taking me out of the world I live in and plaing me within its own, like most movies should do.


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