“Kindergarten” Echoes Gammel and Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Shawn Coss Gets Real And Scary With His New Book!

kindergarten1I don’t know if I’m alone here, but I am always carrying a copy of the original Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. Between the old fashioned scary stories…that you tell in the dark (go figure)…to the amazingly haunting artwork of Stephen Gammel, I would sit in my attic for hours scaring myself half to death. I am beyond excited to hear about Shawn Coss’ new book, “Kindergarten: Tragic Stories”.

Set with in his experience of being a new parent and his deep fears coming from the endless dark circumstances and fears that most parents try to shy away from, Coss wrote a book about instead and tried to mentally play and illustrate the situations that could have been. Within the same vein as Scary Stories and borrowing a bit from Guillermo del Toro (who is working on a film version of Scary Stories), Kindergarten follows the life of Lucy and a series of events she goes through that spans everywhere from cautionary tales, suicide, and the after life.

kindergarten2Coss already has the book all set and ready for publishing, but needs help for printing costs. He started a Kickstarter page on September 21st that will run for 35 days. Check out the Kickstarter to reserve a copy and look for updates from the “Kindergarten: Tragic Stories” Facebook page. Take a look at some of the frightening artwork below…


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