Kill Pill Will Leave You With A Rumblie In Your Tumblies…


KILLPILL1Making the tour of film festivals is a cautionary tale telling you drugs are bad. Not really, but Kill Pill (directed by Lord Eyre-Morgans) hits pretty close to the terrible stories you hear about these little known drugs that lead to rotting skin and eating people’s faces off with this film leaning more towards the latter…

Kill Pill – The Party – Teaser from Lloyd Eyre-Morgan on Vimeo.

In a remote English town, pregnant 17-year-old Ellie is babysitting her little sister, Molly. After receiving a panic-stricken phone call from her twin brother, Leo, Ellie drives to the house party that is taking place at a small abandoned castle to find her brother. Once Ellie arrives with Molly at the remote house party, they descend inside. Once they reach Leo, we discover he has been attacked by Killa (the father of Ellie’s baby). After a confrontation with Killa, the group reunites, only to realize Molly is missing. Suddenly chaos descends as the party-goers begin to transform into rage-infected cannibals.