Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd Are Being Sued Over “Black Panther” Song???

To say that Marvel‘s “Black Panther” film was popular is an absolute understatement, one thing that spun off from the film to gain its own fame was the films soundtrack that soared to the top of the charts, mainly due to the release of The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar‘s song, “Pray for Me“. Yet, it seems the song and its writers may be in trouble as they are currently undergoing a huge lawsuit.

Reports from TMZ state that the band Yeasayer has filed a lawsuit against “Pray for Me” for an alleged eight counts of illegal sampling in the track, with “intent to conceal the infringement”. Yeasayer seek to reap profits and damages from the song, along with an injunction to block further sales and airplay, and prevent further publication of the song.

Yeasayer claims that “Pray for Me” steals tracks from their song “Sunrise“, claiming that their song was used up to 8 times, each slightly altered, in “Pray for Me”.

If you want to check it out yourself you can listen to “Sunrise” here and compare it to “Black Panther” and “Pray for Me“. Tell us your findings on Facebook/Twitter or by leaving a comment down below.

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