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Keaton Simons is an artist that injects a new feel into rock music. He adds certain elements of groove and soul that gives you some real feel good music. The best part (that musicians can especially relate too) is that he not only creates funky rythms that could go on for miles, but he can hold his own when it comes to soloing on guitar. I could see him performing with the likes of John Mayer, Eric Clapton, and maybe even in a different lifetime Stevie Ray Vaughan. Simons brings a high energy into soulful music that cannot be missed. ~ Nicholas Kelley


Photography by: Nick Spanos
Photography by: Nick Spanos

A week ago I came across Los Angeles solo artist Keaton Simons heart wrenching new single, “Beautiful Pain” on Twitter. “Beautiful Pain,” happens to also be the title of Simons upcoming album which debuts April 30th wherever music is sold.

Personally being a huge fan of Cat Stevens, I was immediately drawn in by Simons soulful voice and rock style. This is one artist to keep your eyes on and ears open too, you will be hearing a lot from him in the future. ~ Yvette M. Kelley

Beautiful Pain,” (same title as the new album) out now on iTunes and Amazon. It was directed by NICK SPANOS and executive produced by Simons’ lifelong friend, actor DAVID DUCHOVNY, who makes a cameo.

Photography by: Nick Spanos
Photography by: Nick Spanos

CD release concerts are booked in Los Angeles at THE HOTEL CAFE on Sunday, April 21st at 9:00pm and Saturday MAY 4TH at 10:30pm and in New York City at THE BITTER END on Wednesday, MAY 15TH at 9:00pm.

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