Karl Uban at Chicago Comic Con

Karl Urban Dishes On “Dredd” at Chicago Comic Con

Karl Uban at Chicago Comic Con Growing up we all have an idol that we look up to. One of my biggest idols is Karl Urban (Dredd, LOTR, Almost Human).  Ever since I saw him on Hercules where he played Cupid I’ve been a fan.  I had the pleasure of telling him this directly upon meeting him at Chicago Comic Con.  He was quite gracious and thanked me.  But, at the mention of Dredd, we both found we had common ground as total geeks and fans of the Judge Dredd comic book series. Karl Urban is the most recent actor to take up the role of plays the one and only fascist street judge, “Judge Joseph Dredd” in a dystopian society filled with overpopulation and crime and where appointed judges keep the cities safe.

Upon meeting Karl, I had to ask, “Is there a possibility of maybe getting to see the dark judges in Dredd 2 or beyond?” He stopped what he was doing, and it was evident I struck the geek mark because his eyes lit up and he smiled as he answered, “Why yes, there is a definite possibility. But, it is more likely that we will do the origins story with Dredd trekking through the cursed earth to find the first Chief Judge Fargo.”

Any huge fan of Judge Dredd and the series knows this could be amazing. Seriously, Dredd going to find Fargo, the man from whom he was cloned. I am definitely going to keep a watch out for this one. Before we left, I asked him if I could interview him in the future to catch up, and he was all for it.  So, keep your eye on Shallow Graves for that.

Now, if you’ll all bare with me for just a moment while I take off my professional hat and put on my fanboy hat: Holy crap Karl Urban agreed to an interview with me!

karl urban 2.jpg
Nick (left) and Jake (right) posing with Karl Urban (middle)

Back to business.  Later, when my brother Nick and I went for our photo-op, I was both surprised and pleased that he recognized me from earlier that day, shook my hand while asking me how I was enjoying myself, and thanked me again for the honor of being one of my idols.  Karl Urban more than lived up to my expectations, and that’s a pretty good feeling.  Be sure to check him out in Dredd and keep an eye on his upcoming projects.