Jordan Peele Doesn’t Want To Direct A Marvel Film Or Any Comic Book Film

Marvel had recently announced their line up of films for their upcoming phase 4, as well as announcing some other projects including a reboot of the super hero movie that started it all… “Blade“. As soon as the reboot was announced, some directors names were attached to it, and one of them had shot down the idea immediately.

Jordan Peele has said that he will never do a comic book film, at least for now, that he does not feel absolutely 100% passionate about. And although he has expressed that doing this film would be deeply tempting, he just wouldn’t feel comfortable doing.

Jordan Peele is an avid comic and graphic novel reader, keeping up to date with superheros and enjoyed the epic series of events that ensue when these heroes get into trouble, but he feels as though he does not love them enough to actually make a film about one.

The only other reason that Jordan Peele says he would not direct the film is because he has so little time on this earth and so many ideas. By doing something he is not absolutely passionate about, means he is pushing his other projects to the back and he doesn’t want to do that.

So fans will most likely never see a Jordan Peele MCU film, yet we will also get pure cinematic gold the likes of “Us” and “Get Out“, so I think it is fair to say that this is a pretty good trade off.

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