Jon Hamm Talks About “Top Gun: Maverick”

According to Jon Hamm, the sequel to the 1980’s classic “Top Gun” will be mind blowing. Working opposite of the stars from the last film, Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, Jon Hamm is blown away by the production scale of this film.

According to Hamm, the movie is being shot in 6k which is incredibly high definition and the aerial footage with the planes is actually practical. Not much CGI has been used for this film and people are actually flying the planes and actually doing all the stunts.

Taking place decades after the events of the 1986 film, this film sees the return of Maverick (Tom Cruise) and the introduction of Miles Teller who will be playing Bradley Bradshaw, the son of Maverick’s late best friend Goose (Anthony Edwards). The film is nevertheless going to be interesting, to say the least, for fans of the first film. With the first film coming out so long ago and just now getting a sequel, there is no question about it, and Hamm’s comments only support this notion.

The film is set for release on the 26th of June in 2020, so let us all hope there are no set backs because I personally can’t wait for this film.

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