“Joker” Final Trailer Release

With every new trailer and all the news surrounding this movie, it makes it seem better and better. Yet, with every trailer and picture it makes the film seem like something different every time. Revolving around Batman’s greatest foe, “Joker” shows a more insane Joker than any that we have ever seen before. A man truly broken.

In this trailer we see more of what the Joker’s origin looks like. Painting a more clear picture, this trailer shows you how Joaquin Pheonix‘s character devolves into madness, obviously gaining influence from “Batman: The Killing Joke” and its point that it only takes one bad day to push someone over the edge.

In this trailer, it also shows that the film may have a message in it, saying “be careful how you treat others because you don’t know what they’re going through and you don’t know if that will push them over the edge”. Obviously Joker is the main character of this film, yet he also may be the antagonist of this film, so this movie sets up a dynamic similar to Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein“. Who is the real monster, is it the monster themselves or the people who created it?

Check out the trailer down below and share your thoughts on that question. Is the Joker truly at fault here? Or is it the people who turned him into this and pushed him over the edge, who are at fault? Comment down below.

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