“Joker” Director Todd Phillips Would Like To See A Batman Film Set In His Universe

With “Joker” becoming the highest grossing rated R film of all time, many fans are curious to see what is in store for this version of the troubled Clown Prince of Crime. None more than the director of the film, Todd Phillips, who tossed up a rather interesting question. What would a Batman film look like in his universe?

We all know that Robert Pattinson and Joaquin Phoenix‘s characters have nothing to do with each other, and are placed in two totally different universes, but Todd Phillips wonders that after the ending of “Joker” what would happen to poor little Bruce in a city that’s been set ablaze, and what kind of Batman he would be?

In an interview with Variety, Phillips said this:
It’s a beautiful Gotham. What I would like to see someone tackle is what Batman looks like from that Gotham.” He then made it clear that he is not going to make that film, as he is struggling trying to think of a potential sequel for “Joker”, but he did say, “What was interesting to me about the inclusion of Batman in our movie was, ‘What kind of Batman does that Gotham make?’ That’s all I meant by that.

So what do you think, would you like to see a Batman set in the universe of the Joker film? If you would, what do you think he will be like? Can you think of anyone to play him? Let us know in the comments down below.

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