“Joker” Becomes The Highest Grossing Movie To Feature The Joker

Joker” is now DC’s highest grossing film to feature the dark knight’s nemesis and titular character. Surpassing even Christopher Nolan‘s “The Dark Knight“, Joaquin Phoenix‘s portrayal of the character has been labeled as a cinema masterpiece and a fresh new take in the superhero genre that is slowly but surely becoming stale.

Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker” has now passed $1.007 billion, going as far to surpass even “The Dark Knight” which gained around $1.004 billion.

When having so many different versions of the Joker hit the big screen, it must be a lot to bring the character to life. From Zach Galifianakis, in “Lego Batman“, to Jared Leto, in “Suicide Squad“, many people have portrayed the Clown Prince of Crime.

“Joker” blew everything we know out of the water, introducing a backstory for a villain character who is more than often left without an origin. It brought to life a new take on the character that offered a somewhat sympathetic character which you feel bad for empathizing with because you shouldn’t. So congratulations to the “Joker”.

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