“John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum” Review

Before this movie I always said that if they didn’t make a third movie and left it at the ending of the second, I would’ve been perfectly okay with that. Oh how wrong I was. This movie was excitement galore, and did everything right.

Even though it has very little dialogue, the film still manages to keep you focused. Telling the story more through action than dialogue, this action packed romp through the world of “John Wick” lands it as one of the greatest action films of all time. Supported by a great ensemble of characters and actors, none of them take the spotlight away from Keanu Reeves as John Wick, clearly showing that this is his film and his story.

Every character had personality, with very few being similar. This really created an interesting atmosphere to show how amazing this world that we decided to enter, for two hours and ten minutes, is. Showing a lot of diversity and really putting a point on the fact that all actions have consequences, John Wick, yet again, doesn’t get a break through out this entire movie. With one amazingly choreographed fight scene after the next, even the most useless of henchmen fighting Mr. Wick used the entire space and every prop they could get their hands on, even using other creatures at some points.

The film kept a steady pace for a story, with the focus just being… survival. With the entire population of New York City potentially being a threat. John doesn’t know who is after him and who isn’t, that is what creates such an amazing sensation throughout this film, the feeling of wondering who is next. It is also interesting to point out in this movie that yet again, just like the last one, that it is different from the previous title. John Wick manages to give us different films with different scenes, while keeping the same tone and genre of film. This is great because it feels as though movies nowadays, when they have sequels, they just rehash the same thing over and over again. This is a common complaint for people who don’t like the MCU, stating that they are just the same movie over and over again; whereas, the “John Wick” series offers you something new and exciting with each and every installment.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this film, to the highest degree. If you love action, you will love this film. If you love great and easy to love characters, you will love this film. If you love great story telling without the need of so much exposition and speaking between characters to the point where even a look can tell exactly what is going on, you will love this film.


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