John Cena May Be Retiring?

The WWE legend, who is sure to gain a hall of fame entry, may be hanging his hat and shorts up for good. The multiple time WWE champion, John Cena, has been thinking a lot about retiring recently, yet doesn’t know if he will.

After the controversial match between the Undertaker and Goldberg, where both wrestlers are being judged for how dangerous and reckless they were, John Cena was asked if he thinks either of them should retire. Cena responded to the question with the utmost respectful answer. Saying how that is not his or anyone else’s decision, that is only the decision of the individual wrestler.

Yet, the now 42 year old wrestler admitted that he has been thinking about retiring as well. With a surging movie career and the recent announcement that he will be joining the Fast and the Furious franchise, as well as rumors about his participation in the new Suicide Squad film, Cena has put a lot of thought into retiring.

Although it most likely will not happen for a while, Cena loves his ties with WWE, and will most likely return for a couple of matches even if he retires.

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