Joaquin Pheonix’s “Joker” Had A Script That Was Rewritten Daily On Set

Often times rewrites to a script can potentially kill an entire move, especially when the movie is in the midst of filming. Although, the “Joker” film seems to be a whole new beast. Getting praise from critics already, this film is credited with being an original take on superhero films and comic book movies at a time when all of them are starting to feel the same.

With a leaked script floating around the internet, “Joker” reportedly had its script, by Todd Phillips, rewritten on set almost every day. In a weird way, this form of filming making mirrors that of the Joker’s way of approaching things. A chaotic way of getting things done that most people wouldn’t understand, abandoning the plan mid-plan to write a new plan. This behind the scene information actually adds some more depth to the movie in my opinion.

A standalone story, this film is said to be controversial and pave a new road for comic book movies similar to that of what “Logan” did in 2017. A man broken down and beaten by a society designed only to hurt, Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Pheonix) is a representation of what happens when you push someone too far. The film also supports an amazing cast of fantastic actors including Zazie Beetz, Bryan Callen, Marc Matton, Frances Conroy, and Robert De Niro.

This film is said to make major changes to the Batman mythos, which may upset some die hard Batman fans, yet what character is better to change things up with than the clown prince of crime himself… The Joker.

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