Joaquin Pheonix’s ‘Joker’ Finally Gets A Trailer

It’s here…the sneak peek for “Joker” 2019 is finally here. However, before we pass our own opinions and judgments on its sincerity and originality, let’s watch the trailer below:

Wow. As I’ve stated in a previous article, when the original camera test/teaser and the clips that were leaked on set, my excitement could almost not be contained. Growing up on Nicholson’s, Hamill’s, and Ledger’s takes on the legendary character, and after my own disappointment at Leto’s iteration of The Joker, I was craving for a new take on the iconic character. He is someone who is supposed to be an unsettled human being and through his origins, a painted grimace that many people can relate to.

(“Joker“, Joaquin Phoenix) A face only a mother could love…

Writer/director Todd Phillips might seem like an odd choice to spearhead this film due to some of his past work (“Due Date“, “The Hangover Trilogy“, “Borat“…), but a lot of those films balance comedy and tragedy pretty well. While they ride a bit more on comedic factor, there is a dark truth to them and a fine line between sane and insane.

(“The Hangover“, Ed Helms) like blacking out and ripping your tooth out of your mouth while at a party…

Taking bits here and there from the iconic origin story “The Killing Joke“, the trailer shows how one bad day (or in this case multiple) can lead a once kind-hearted human being into a tortured and hate-breeding lunatic. What makes a man a monster? What feeds that inner darkness? What really is the difference between a tragedy and a comedy?

It also comes as no surprise that Joaquin Phoenix was the right kind of weird to take up the clown prince of crimes mantle. Playing many different characters throughout his career (“Gladiator“, “Walk The Line“, “Her“…) and the disturbed subtleties he brought to each of them solidifies him as a perfect choice. But, can he pull off such an emotionally tormented human being like The Joker?

I cannot wait to see how this movie turns out and hopes are high! Todd PhillipsJoker” is set to hit theaters on October 4, 2019. Keep an eye out for more info and don’t forget to keep on laughing…

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