Jennifer Blanc-Biehn Takes The Directors Chair in “The Night Visitor”

Take A Glimpse Behind The Scenes Of The Powerhouse Duo … Blanc/Biehn Productions

By: Yvette M. Kelley


Recently, I had the pleasure of catching up with Jennifer Blanc-Biehn . HALF the mastermind behind Blanc/Biehn Productions, about her Directorial Debut, this month for “The Night Visitor”, as well as the highly controversial remake   “Hidden in the Woods”.


Yvette: Congratulations Jennifer. I understand you are making your directorial debut this month for the filming of “The Night Visitor”.  Tell us about it.

Jennifer: Thank you. The movie is about a struggling couple that hires a New Age spiritualist to help mend their marriage. When she advises them to videotape every moment of their lives, they discover their son is having conversations with an entity that calls itself the “Night Visitor”.

Crafted by Lony Ruhmann, Kevin Marcus and Bradley Marcus. It stars myself, Mark Gantt (Ocean’s Eleven, Among Friends), Gary Cairns (Hero Wanted, Mad World), Tara Buck (True Blood, Justified) and Brianne Davis (Prom Night). Filming starts this month and we will be on a tight schedule.

Yvette: Are you working behind the camera as well as directing for “The Night Visitor”?

Jennifer: I’m very excited to be doing both.

Still from "The Night Visitor"
Still from “The Night Visitor”

Yvette: Congratulations to both you and Michael on Blanc/Biehn Productions. You guys are doing great! What was your vision of starting your own production company?

Jennifer: We have a specific model making cool, fun, solid, smaller films, but with quality and a story to them. We are learning a lot along the way.

Yvette: You just completed “Treachery” when is the release date for that? Tell us a little bit about it.

Jennifer: We’re not sure on the release yet; it’s currently in post-production. It’s a dark and edgy drama about a fu*ked up family weekend.

Treachery was shot last year in Los Angeles and stars Michael Biehn, Richard Gunn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn. The film also features Matthew Ziff (Hardflip), Sarah Butler (I Spit on Your Grave), Caitlin Keats (Kill Bill: Vol. 2) and Chris Meyer (Kiss of the Damned). Treachery was written and directed by Travis Romero, and produced by Blanc/Biehn Productions, Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Ryan Azevedo, Kate Rees Davies, Tony DeBenedetto, Natalie Ford and Paul Foley.

Yvette: This summer Blanc/Biehn Productions will be filming the remake of “Hidden in the Woods”? Being what some would call controversial, what made you choose this movie? Are you changing the script in any way?

Jennifer: We love that this film causes such a range of emotion in people. It has a very strong message about the abuse of women. It happens all over the world in many forms. “It’s based on a true criminal case. Three out of every four women are abused throughout the world so we hope to be able to not only tell a story but also donate some of the proceeds to a few women’s charities to stop the violence.”

We feel very strongly about this film and the remake with Patricio returning as the original director. Also, the USA version will be a bit lighter with more details so audiences can comprehend, but all in all, it will be very close to the Chile version, but with a happier or hopeful ending.


Yvette:  “The Victim” which was the 1st movie released under Blanc/Biehn Productions did amazing last year at the film festivals. I know from speaking with the both of you, you felt so strong about it.  How did that feel?

Jennifer: So wonderful! It was more than I could have wished for.

Yvette: You are now a Producer, Actress, soon to be Director. What’s next?

Jennifer: At the moment those 3, but I’m always looking to learn new things.

Yvette: It looks like Blanc/Biehn Productions is already a force to be reckoned with. Do you already have projects in works for the next year?

Jennifer: We are lining up some projects now to take a look at. Nothing definitive as of yet.

As Jennifer and Michael headed out to film  “The Night Visitor”, we wished them luck and promised to catch up with shortly. Blanc/Biehn Productions certainly has a busy future ahead of them.

For more information on Blanc/Biehn Productions check out their website:


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