Jennifer Aniston Says Marvel Is Ruining The Film Industry

Jennifer Aniston has come out to state her discrepancies with Hollywood and the current state of the film industry. She has stated that every year Hollywood is “diminishing” mainly because of the constant release of “big Marvel movies”.

The former “Friends” star speaks about her return to the small screen on television in the new series “The Morning Show” being prompted by her lack of interest in “living in a green screen”. She believes that when checking new roles everything is just Marvel this and Marvel that and she has become fed up with it.

Aniston even said that she believes many people “would love to have the era of Meg Ryan come back”. Aniston just wants the film era of “Terms of Endearment“, “Young Frankenstein“, and “Heaven Can Wait” back. She has grown sick and tired of these constant comic book movies over saturating the market.

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