Jason Momoa…The New “CROW”???

Finally…Justice for “The Crow”

crow stuff
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For years we have heard rumors about a supposed remake of the 1994 cult classic “The Crow”, and now it’s here. Now supposedly the king of Atlantis himself is stepping onto the screen as the vengeful spirit, and taking the persona of Eric Draven (the original crow). Yes! Jason Momoa is in the talks to be the star of “The Crow” remake with Luke Evans officially severing all ties to the role.

We’ve seen the brute, Jason Momoa, on the screen more than once playing roles such as: Khal Drogo from “Game of Thrones”, Conan from “Conan the Barbarian”, Keegan from “Bullet to the Head”, and lastly, his upcoming major role as Aquaman in his own stand alone movie.

aquaman jason momoa
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Jason Momoa may have the privilege of playing two comic book characters in the near future, and personally I’m looking forward to seeing them both. Although he will be setting a precedent as the first live action actor to play Aquaman in a movie, Jason Momoa has to follow up the late Brandon Lee as Eric Draven. Will he be a good fit for the role? Time will tell.. All I do know is, we can wait and hopefully see Jason juggle two superhero persona’s. Will he live up to the hype?

~ Jake