Jason Momoa Gets “Arrested”

Once again the king of Atlantis graces headlines while also furthering his goal in gaining notoriety and support for his cause/protest against the TMT in Hawaii. The star has now gained the attention of more people after “getting arrested”.

Recently a photo was posted on the social media site Twitter, showing the “Aquaman” star and three cops smiling at the camera. Jason Momoa is towering over the three cops while being handcuffed and giving off a witty smirk.


The photo was of course staged, but it succeeded in gaining the attention of more people, which seems to be Momoa’s number one goal in this venture.

Momoa was also joined recently by “Justice League” co-star Ezra Miller, who plays the Flash and may be getting his own film in the near future.

The on going protests still continue concerning Momoa and the people of Hawaii against the TMT.

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