Jake’s Take: Why the CW’s “Martian Chronicles” is a Bad Idea


Why does Martian Manhunter get a series to himself?  Out of every DC character they could have chosen, they choose probably one of the most lack luster one’s.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Martian Manhunter,  but there is a simple flaw to him, and that’s just it… he’s simple.

Martian Manhunter isn’t known for being this amazingly complicated character.  He doesn’t have to constantly hold back his strength like Superman, in fear of hurting people.  He doesn’t have to fight with the loss of his parents and the urge to kill, like Batman.  Now granted he does have to fight with the loss of his family and the his hate for the White Martians, but that’s it.  He only hates one enemy, be it that there is a lot of them.  Yet what is this show going to do?  Have all his villains be White Martians?

That being said, he is only good when he is accompanied by another super hero or set of super heroes because just like the boy in blue, he suffers from the Superman complex.  He is too powerful, and Superman has even gone on record saying that the Martian Manhunter is the most powerful being on earth.  What enemy could possibly beat him.  Now with all these other DC shows they’ve learned a way to limit the heroes without making them look like pushovers.  Green Arrow is human so he is affected by anything that can kill a human, the Flash fights meta-humans that are basically as strong as him, the Legends are all humans too and most lack super powers, and Supergirl is just learning to control her powers and think things through instead of rushing in headstrong.

In Supergirl, Martian Manhunter (David Harewood) was basically a pushover.  They limited his powers, and made it so every time he got in trouble he had to saved by Supergirl (Melissa Beoist).  How ridiculous is that?  A character so powerful even Superman doesn’t want to fight him, and he’s saved by another hero that hasn’t even gotten her crap together.  It’s pathetic.  All I’m saying is there are hundreds of more interesting characters that the CW and DC could give a show too.  Actually now that I think about it, they’re giving Martian Manhunter his own show, but where in the world is the Constantine show we have all been waiting to hear about???

That’s a discussion for another day…