Jakes Take: What Do You Mean There’s No ‘Hellboy 3’?!

The Hero Movie Everyone Wants And No Ones Getting

Not happy!!!

The news is heart breaking….there will be no Hellboy sequel.  I know I know, you’re probably asking, why is this happening?  It makes no sense, but Guilmoro Del Torro stated on Twitter it was not going to happen. End of story.

With the original movie making over $33 million more than its original budget and the second made over $75 million from the film budget, the fact that they aren’t making this movie makes no sense. The numbers themselves show that people and fans are interested.

Are you serious?!

The creators of the films have even gone on record saying the series is meant to be a trilogy. I mean, Ron Perlman has shown a lot of interest and I’m sure Doug Jones would be up for it. So why not finish what you’ve started and give the fans what they want. Loving both the comics and the films, I know I’d kill to see another Hellboy.


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