Jake’s Take: “Us” Review

Us” is a thrill ride of shock and terror the likes of which can be rarely seen.  Jordan Peele’s second horror movie, after “Get Out”, leaves audiences questioning their own existence. A highly recommended film that will keep you on the edge of your seat thinking even after the film has ended.

Jordan Peele should be regarded in history as one of the greatest horror writers of this generation.  A man who understands what it is to write horror and horror should make you think to the point of insanity rather than jump scaring you.  The movie had subtle metaphors that slid their ways into the back of your mind so that later in the film you have those “oh my gosh” moments.

Foreshadowing nearly everything, the movie makes your jaw drop with every second you watch.  Although Jordan Peele is the mastermind behind the whole thing he can not get all the credit for the film.  Much of the credit should be given to the actors especially Lupita Nyong’o, who is the center focus of every scene and the creepiest villain all at the same.  An amazing actress, this film can be said to have really showed all of her skills.

—-Spoilers Below—-

With characters you can route for, the family fights off their evil doppelgängers in some action packed ways.  Even with this violence the movie is still more psychological than gory, making you fear what may happen rather than what you think will happen.  The movie at some points could be a little predictable but what movie isn’t, it was predictable in a good way where they played off genre tropes but made them more fresh so they didn’t seem lackluster. An example of this can be when the twin falls on the coffee table only to get back up and fight the mother a couple scenes later.

The movie also was outrageous with its ending.  Making you leave the theatre questioning what it all means.  Is she the true mastermind behind all of this?  Does the twist even matter because grew up to be a loving mother?  Did her son find out?  Who knows? I guess that is just horror behind the movie.


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