Jake’s Take: “Toy Story 4” Review

Toy Story” has been a series that all ages can enjoy, yet for some reason this one felt like it was aimed more at adults. When most people were worried that this film was going to stain the legacy of its predecessors, Disney and Pixar stood their ground and delivered an emotional roller coaster that feels like an even better send off than the one in “Toy Story 3“.

Filled to the brim with whimsy, childhood magic, and physical comedy, this movie was a blast from start to finish. The introduction of characters like stuntman Duke Caboom (who is played by the man who is blowing up the internet right now, Keanu Reeves himself) and Ducky and Bunny (who are played by Key and Peele, two of the funniest comedy writers ever) perfectly rounded out the film, giving some comedy and sarcasm when things may be getting a bit to serious, just to lighten up the mood.

The movie was designed to make everyone cry, dealing with the ideas of existentialism and the reality of loss, the movie is almost Sesame Street like in how it approaches and teaches you about these things. Forky and Woody are the two main culprits of this, with Woody trying to work things out and Forky trying to figure things out, they strap you in for what feels like a tear jerker of a ride.

Not to mention, the animation for this film was nearly flawless. It seemed almost realistic at some points. Like I could pick Woody and Buzz up right now and start playing with them, that flawless.

This movie shows and, more importantly, tells you why animated films and features should be taken more seriously as a medium. People think it is so easy just to walk into a booth and say some lines, but it’s not. You have to portray that character, sometimes without even seeing them, and show their emotion. you are that character, but at the same time you’re only the voice of that character, and it can be harder then normal acting at some points. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen prove it in this film. They deliver every line with such passion and emphasis that it feels real, it takes you out of your seat and into the movie, and that is what movies are supposed to do. Suspend your disbelief.


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