Jake’s Take: ‘The Predator’ Review


I’m just going to start off by saying… if you’re a fan of the original Predator series, this is not a Predator film.  The normal idea of an extraterrestrial hunting a group of unaware human warriors is non-existent in this film. Instead it becomes something totally different.  So here’s what I think about it. Possible spoilers ahead.

The film is a good film overall.  It has quick one liners and comedy that actually hits, giving that classic 80’s feel in a new modern day environment.  Although it had this 80’s feel, what I found it having a problem doing is having a Predator feel. I enjoyed the movie but didn’t associate it with any of the other films in the series.  The original series, mainly 1 and 2, had a sense of hopelessness to them. The characters in it feared the Predator and tried to run before ultimately noticing it was futile to do so. This movie was the opposite, the characters immediately tried to kill any Predator they came in contact with and just made the Predators look weak or just silly in the process.

The film also had an obnoxious story to them, retconning the normal story of a species of super hunters that kill in big game hunts.  The story is now about a species hunting in big game hunts with the overall goal of stealing spinal fluid to merge with their DNA and create bigger badder Predators. It throws out a story over thirty years old in hope of revitalizing a series that to be honest shouldn’t keep going… and it shockingly worked.  Adding this new plot point gave the creators hundreds of new ways to make these movies, other than following the same old tracks that Predator, Predator 2, and Predators followed. It adds depth to the characters involved and judging by the end scene of the movie, it sets it up for a movie that looks the right amount of ridiculous to possibly launch the new 80’s action film trend.

So overall, I did enjoy the film but it was not what I was hoping for.  I love the old Predator films and wanted that type of movie again, yet instead I walked out of the theatre with something I enjoy just as much.  I recommend this movie highly, and if you’re disappointed by it maybe you’ll be like me and find something else about it you loved.


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