Jakes Take: ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ Review: 2nd Reboot In A Decade



Let’s just start this off by saying this movie was great. It tied in amazingly with the rest of the MCU and really made me look forward to seeing more of Tom Hollands version of Spider-man. Yet, just like many marvel movies, it did have its flaws at points.

We’ll start out with the praises this movie had.  First, Robert Downey Jr was in it. Enough said. Second, I feel as though Tom Hollands take on the character finally got it right.  He had the perfect amount of unpopularity and teenage attitude that makes the wall crawler so relatable. Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man was way to unpopular where he was bullied even in college, and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man wasn’t even unpopular rather taking on this edgy skateboarder type schtick. Now for Micheal Keaton. The man who once played arguably the greatest version of Batman made a transition to the marvel cinematic universe as the Vulture, and oh my god was he phenomenal.  He wasn’t this overly large villain that wanted to take over the world or some boring villain that works for Hydra, instead he’s a man who wanted to look out for his family by doing whatever it takes. And The Vulture isn’t the only villain introduced in this film, the movie also features the shocker and the tinkerer, while also setting up the sinister six, possibly, with the scorpion.

Now for the flaws.  Some of the casting in this movie is atrocious. Tony Revolori plays Flash Thompson, the infamous bully from Peter Parkers high school, but he plays no part in this film rather just being there to call him Penis Parker every once in a while. The movie could’ve survived without him, just like it could’ve survived without Michelle (Zendaya). Michelle as a character was useless except for a little nod to a comic book character at the end of the movie, all she did was show up at the end of a scene and make some snide comment that the movie could’ve done with out. If these two characters weren’t in the film the movie would still be enjoyable and the plot would move along the basically the same way.  Another major flaw that was kinda amusing was the inclusion of the avengers, the dropped the words “The Avengers” or talked about the heroes in the avengers at least 20 times.  For only saving the world twice and having 2 movies, technically 3 if you count civil war, man people can’t shut up about them. We get it Spider-Man is in the MCU he’s friends with Iron Man, that doesn’t mean you have to shove it down our throats. The Netflix series are all technically in the MCU and they don’t wander off into conversations about the avengers every scene they’re in.

All in all, I loved this movie and it’s probably my favorite MCU movie to date.  It wasn’t boring and didn’t have a dumb villain that couldn’t translate well from comics to the big screen. I’m actually looking forward to see what marvel can do with this character. It’s also makes me look forward to the solo Venom film. Again, a plus it has Robert Downey Jr in it, can’t go wrong with that.

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