Jake’s Take: “Sausage Party” Needs To Be Adults Only

Possible Spoiler Alert


Sausage Party 2
Property of Columbia Pictures

Oh my god is this movie bad.  Now don’t confuse the word bad as being awful or terrible or unwatchable, no this movie is bad in a mortifying way.  Seth Rogen has out done himself and created what I believe to be his masterpiece.  I have absolutely no critiques to this movie because as I’ve already said… it is a masterpiece.


This movie absolutely encompasses the word pun.  Every joke in this movie is a perfectly timed pun and could not get any better.  The movie touches every subject as well showing how genius this movie is.  The movie touches upon the subjects of sexuality, race, politics, and more, while also keeping a cheery and funny vibe throughout the film. I also can’t forget the amazing cast that this film had to work with.  Ranging from Paul Rudd to Micheal Cera this entire movie is pack full of celebrities. So Seth let me just tell you that you are a genius, like do a guy genius. (Warning you’ll get that last line if you see the movie)

Sausage Party
Property of Columbia Pictures

“Sausage Party” is the definition of tharning in every shape of the word.  Honestly I saw the movie with 3 friends and, after I was finally able to pull my jaw up off the floor, I felt I couldn’t look them in the eye for the entire car ride home.  At the end of the movie I was definitely expecting a sex/love scene by how they over sexualized everything, yet I did not expect what happened next.  I did not expect a full on food orgy.  That’s just a taste of how outrageous this movie actually is.

The movie took every rule and absolutely broke it.  I had a great time with this movie for the entire length of the film.  The comedy was amazing and borderline perfect, while also keeping you laughing throughout the flick.  There was no one point my eyes wanted to leave the screen, knowing that something outrageous was around every corner. I highly, and I mean highly, recommend this movie to anyone who has the urge to see it and all those who don’t.  I’m sure you will not be disappointed.