Jake’s Take: Review of The Madame in Black

The Third Time is The Charm!

At approximately 25 minutes, this short foreign film was actually kind of enjoyable.  I could tell the pulled from a lot of different sources (eg. ‘Insidious’ Paranormal Activity’ ‘Woman In Black’, ‘Candyman’, and hell even ‘Supernatural’ has covered this lore), and mashed them all together.

The short Swedish film, created by Jarno Lee Vinsencius, seemed to have some familiarity to it, although there were moments that were hard to follow when I was trying to read the subtitles.

Summary of the movie follows the same urban legends such as Bloody Mary and Candyman  You stare in the mirror and say “Madame in Black” three times and boom, you’ve summoned an evil spirit. This particular story follows a man and his sister who played the game as children with their grandmother’s mirror, and when the brother, now an adult, gives the mirror to his sister as a birthday gift, his sister has the bright idea to play the game once again.  This summons “The Madame in Black” who ends up terrorizing the brother and sister by popping up randomly, and creating chaos which at time made me wonder what was going on.

Although, the premise of saying the name three times as been done many times before, it is still enjoyable, as evidenced here. The Madame in Black piques my interests and makes me wanna find out how she came to be (perhaps a prequel). I recommend this short, it’s rather entertaining and worth the watch.

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