Jake’s Take: Pete’s Dragon Remake Is Not At All The Same

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These Movies Are Not Even Close

petes-dragon 1977
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First off, I can already tell this new “Pete’s Dragon” is going to be underrated just like the 1977 version. This movie is going to be trashed by people who don’t even want to see it because they believe it is just another live adaptation of a Disney fill and those suck, but it is not at all the case.  I absolutely loved the original 1977 version of the film and watched it to the point I can probably sing the songs backward if I wanted too.

This movie has a lot of differences. The one major difference is that Pete is a kid who lives in a forest, rather than a child who is abused and mistreated by his adopted parents. The second difference is Elliot, the dragon, and how he is more of a loving and compassionate dog, compared to the 1977 Elliot who is much more of a cartoony Disney character.  The movie also had a more touching and realistic feel to it rather than a goofy whimsical feel of the original, removing all musical sequences completely.

I absolutely loved this movie and to be honest I had to hold back tears throughout most of it.  The one scene I remember fully from the is when Pete (Oakes Fegley) escapes the hospital and is running around the town of Milhaven.  The scene actually made me feel sorry for Pete, I could feel the helplessness that he felt running through the town, not knowing where he was or how to get back home. The movie really captured the feeling of friendship and loss while also portraying the emotions of hope and love between every character.  Although I loved this movie I think most of the movie’s plot could have been avoided if they all just spoke to each other and listened to Gavin (Karl Urban) and Pete.

Petes dragon 2016
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My final statement on this movie is… it’s great.  The movie is an emotional roller coaster, at least for me, and was up until the ending.  I highly recommend this movie and think no one should compare it to the original at all.  If you have the chance you should definitely see it, and bring the whole family too.