Jake’s Take On The CW’s Latest Reveal Of The “Arrow”/”Flash” Spinoff


Arrow Flash spinoff Legends of To0morrow on CW
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The CW announced yesterday details about the ‘Arrow’/’Flash’ spinoff with a tentative title ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. As far as titles go, I hope this is a work in progress and as far as cast…AWESOME, and I will tell you why.

Both ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’ are The CW’s 2 highest rated shows and the reason being they are well executed and bring out the geek in all of us. When The CW and DC Comics decided to do a spinoff of ‘Arrow’ it was done seamlessly by introducing Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in several episodes before his transformation into The Flash.

Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) The Flash & Stephen Ammell (Oliver Queen, Arrow)
Courtesy of: The CW

Over the past season, the 2 shows have done multiple crossovers and introduced a variety of interesting characters right out of the comic books which brings us to ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and its new superhero Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), as The Atom. Introduced in Season 3 of ‘Arrow’, Ray Palmer acquired Queen Industries after Oliver Queen not only loses the company but his vast fortune as well. Through his acquisition of the company now titled Palmer Technologies, Ray develops The Atom suit after the tragic death of his wife.

DC Comics The Atom (Brandon Routh The CW
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DC Comics The Canary (Caity Lotz) The CW
Courtesy of: The CW

Brandon Routh, may have missed the mark as Superman in ‘Superman Returns‘ but as The Atom on ‘Arrow’, he hits the bullseye! (No pun intended). The only other character/person from ‘Arrow’ to be cast in the spinoff is Sarah Lance (Caity Lotz), who played The Canary before her “death” at the beginning of Season 3. As I see it this is ‘Arrow’ where there exists Ra’s Al Ghul’s (Matt Nable) Lazarus Pit. Which makes perfect sense if she has been cast in the spinoff, although she may have to make a pit stop to Starling City to get her Canary costume now being used by her sister Laurel (Katie Cassidy).


Metahumans are basically Superhumans first introduced 1986 by author George R. R. Martin first in the Superworld role playing system and again later in series of novels titled ‘Wild Cards’.

Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) on CW's Flash, Legends of Tomorrow
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On ‘The Flash’, we have been introduced to a series of Metahuman characters throughout the season both good and evil, with my personal favorite Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) who literally speaks and acts like he just stepped out of the comic book, along with Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm (Robbie Ammell), Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber), Mick Rory/Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell), and the addition of Rip Hunter portrayed by Arthur Darvill best remembered as Rory on Dr. Who, in my opinion makes this a Trifecta for both DC Comics and The CW that is rarely seen on TV.

Barry Allen as The Flash (Grant Gustin), Oliver Queen as the Arrow (Stephen Ammell) and Ronnie Raymond as Firestorm (Robbie Ammell on The CW's Legends of Tomorrow
Courtesy of: The CW

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