Jake’s Take: Office Christmas Party


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We all imagine going to that one crazy party in our life, and I am sure some of us have.  You know, the one you can’t wait to tell your friends about the next day. That is all this film is…a party…. Not a movie.No storyline just a bunch of filler.

The best and only postive comment I can say about this movie is it has an amazing cast, but sadly even that could not save it.  A multitude of comedians… and Jennifer Aniston…enough said, it is Jennifer Aniston and of course there is  Jason Bateman who is always able to deliver with his dry, sarcastic, and witty humor in every situation throughout the whole movie.  He did not miss a beat. That being said, this comedy was predictable.  The entire movie is incredibly predictable just like all “rager-over the top-party” movie are.  The fact that I was able to forsee what would happen 30 minutes in, speaks for itself.

For the jokes that did not have a shadow cast above them, they were kind of lack luster.  All the humor was dry and “witty”, which as a staple of Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston, you would expect, but it became over done and kind off irritating a little bit.  The comedy became repetitive and frustrating, for once I longed for something semi-serious to happen that no one could make a “witty” comment too.

In conclusion, would I recommend spending the money to seeing it in theater?  No.  That’s why Redbox was invented .