Jake’s Take: Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” Review

Is This A New Twist Or Is It Just Twisted

Netflix has never been shy about picking up shows, some are amazing, some are bland, and others just float around. “The Umbrella Academy” seems to fit into all these categories but none all at the same time. It adds a new take on the superhero genre while also introducing casual audiences to something other than Marvel or DC heroes. I can without a doubt tell you I had never heard of this comic series until the show dropped on Netflix, but I’m glad it did and it is an incredible thing for it’s creator Gerard Way has made.


If you do not know what the show is about, I’ll provide a brief explanation. A group of children all born under mysterious circumstances, on the same day, are raised together to be heroes in a hero-less world. The show mainly takes place in the present day, with some flashbacks to the team’s childhood to show why they are they way are.

The show quickly differentiates it’s characters and let’s you know these differences right off the bat. The story is very interesting as well, intermingling the main characters different arcs and personalities in what seems like something “Game of Thrones” would do, yet on a way lesser scale. Another thing “The Umbrella Academy” had that really separated it from all the other superhero/comic book shows out there was… an amazing soundtrack. The soundtrack is by far the best part of this show mixed with the amazing camera angles and cinematography, really separating it from the rest of the genre we are so used to by now.

This show was an amazing watch and should be enjoyed by all. If not just by fans of the comics it’s based off, then by people who are growing tired of the predictable superhero genre in general. It offers some new takes to the genre and stands out as the ugly duckling between the cascade of Marvel and DC shows.


By Jake

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