Jake’s Take: Luke Cage…Did Marvel Strike Gold?


Property of Marvel

It might be a little late for some but I’m gonna talk about Netflix’s new show… “Luke Cage”. I’ve got some thoughts. The show is interesting to say the least.

Is “Luke Cage” the best show that marvel has put out? No. Is it still worth a watch? Yes. It mixes the in depth character development “Jessica Jones” has and the interesting plot points that the first season of “Daredevil” had.

Honestly I don’t have any problems with the show except the fact that they chose to make it about Luke Cage (Mike Colter). Now hear me out here. Luke Cage is known as being invulnerable to everything except adamantium. This kinda makes your hero un-killable so it eliminates the helpless feeling that other superhero shows can present. Yet I guess being invulnerable adds another interesting element to the character. He has to be hurt through other means, like friends and family, except that’s right… He pushes everyone away in this show, so you can’t really do that can you.

Property of Marvel

Although I have a little bit of a problem with Luke Cage having his own show, I still definitely enjoy it. Although after watching the second season of “Daredevil”, I think anything marvel produces is good. I’d rate it worse than “Jessica Jones” but better than “Daredevil”, so I’d still say go out and watch it if you can.