Jakes Take: LEGO Batman!!!!

Dude…It’s Batman!!!

LEGO Batman has to be the first movie I laughed all the way through. It is comedic genius and the cast is perfect!
Being the spinoff of the LEGO Movie, the entire film has an all star cast. They all seem to work off each other. There is not a single person I would want to recast for this movie.

Of course the movie makes a lot of jokes about batman. The Lego version of batman in the film seems to have some sort of ability to recognize every other forms of batman by poking fun at every Batman show or film since the 1960’s. For example, Billy Dee Williams was cast as Two-Face. The film also acknowledged the fact that Batman has taken the place of Superman as DC’s main superhero (who has been the poster child for about 70 years now).

Overall the movie is a lot of fun and enjoyable the whole time. When I went to see it, I actually annoyed my friends because I laughed so much at it. Every joke was timed perfectly and every thing Will Arnett did as Batman was amazing. I definitely recommend this film to everyone.