Jake’s Take: Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends Crossover Event…And A Musical???

This Should Be Interesting!!!

So we’ve gotten some pretty big news involving the four super hero shows of The CW. First, it’s confirmed that these shows will be doing a musical episode. Second, there will be a four-way crossover between the shows. Last, the CW will be introducing a gay character to their roster with Andrew Kraisberg stating, “One character on one of the shows will be exploring their sexuality and coming out.”

Property of CW

On the first topic, fans of any show are always thrilled to hear about a potential musical episode.  In the later part of the year “The Flash” and “Supergirl” will be pairing off on a two part episode musical crossover.  It’s no secret that Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have had their fair share of singing on “Glee” and are not afraid to show off their talents.  My question is how is this singing going to fit into the episodes? Will it just be random singing like “Grey’s Anatomy” or will there be a villain pulling the strings and making people sing like the notorious “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, perhaps the Music Meister? For those who don’t know, Music Meister is a character only seen in the cartoon “The Batman the Brave and the Bold”, where he was played by Neil Patrick Harris.  The Music Meister’s power was mind control through the sound of his voice making people sing and dance. So you see how this could be an interesting episode to watch.

Second topic is this four-way crossover.  A four-way has never been done before, as far as I know, so you can admit this is a pretty risky move.  Although I’m looking forward to it, I have my same problem that I have with the third Avengers installment… how are they going to handle this many main characters at one time?  There are easier solutions to this, compared to the “Avengers” which is a movie and has to incorporate a plethora of characters in a 2 hour time frame, such as only bringing essential characters from the four shows.  However they do it, I feel I will enjoy it anyways.

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Third and final topic.  The gay character that is to be announced. From the way it looks this character has already been engraved into the shows and is not a new character that will be added in this upcoming season.  So the question is, who is it?  There is no answer to this question and everyone who is asked about it refuses to answer.  My guess on the matter is someone from “The Flash”. My reasoning is that in the final moments of last seasons season finale,  the Flash resets the timeline. If anyone who is familiar with flashpoint knows that this means things are changed in the present day.  With everything altered this could make one of the characters sexuality change as well. That is my only theory on the matter and I don’t see how any of the characters now in the four shows could be gay, after basically every one of them has had a crush/love interest in the shows.

However the CW plans on attacking these situations, I’m sure they will do well and I think will enjoy it.