Jake’s Take: Detective Pikachu Review

What an interesting and fun family film. “Detective Pikachu” was a cute and adorable romp through memory lane as a Pokemon fan. Now, if you are not a Pokemon fan, you may still enjoy this film as long as you know the basics of the on going series that is the Pokemon world.

With subtle hints and nods to the games and television show, “Detective Pikachu” was filled with such nostalgia for both the children and their parents alike. What seemed to be focusing on the first generation of pokemon, from Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow as well as the original television show, it really created a nostalgia kick for the parents that decided to bring their children to the movie. This is somewhat a bad thing though, focusing more on nostalgia and your memories of the game to entice you, rather than creating a plot and characters to snag you and keep you invested for its 1 hour and 45 minute run time.

Although I enjoyed the movie, I am not sure if it was for my nostalgia of seeing all the pokemon I grew up with come to life, or if it was for the film actually being great. Ryan Reynolds did deliver with a charming and delightful version of Pikachu, that had witty commentary for every occasion, but does that make up for the insanely predictable plot? Again, I enjoyed the movie and thought it was a great family film, but the fact that I could tell what was going to happen every second of the movie, it somewhat took a little bit of the magic out of it. The predictable plot and the fact that there really was no interesting growth in the characters, with a what seemed to be random “all is lost moment” thrown in there, it diminished the enjoyment I had for the film.

Now, if you feel that you will not like the movie due to the things I said above, I still recommend the film to you, if you were a fan of pokemon at one point in your life. Seeing all the characters you love come to life, like Cubone, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and of course (one of my absolute favorites) Psyduck, was absolutely heartwarming. The comedy especially hit through the interactions between Pikachu and Psyduck, a great combo that made me personally laugh for every second of screen time they shared.

Overall, the movie is not some big block buster that was supposed to create a rise out of the audience like the Avengers movie or anything, but it did what Nintendo and Game Freak always try to do with their products. It makes you feel happy, it brings you back to a time in your life when you were perhaps innocent and not so jaded. It also created an environment that everyone can understand and even though the main human characters in this world seemed to be walking without a pulse, it didn’t take away from the charm of this film. That is what Pokemon is for and that is what this movie achieved in its goals.


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