Jake’s Take: Deadpool 2 Review

A Move From The Future

Okay, I am gonna put my own personal opinion in here.  This movie is better than “Avengers: Infinity War“.  I know, I know it’s a very controversial opinion but hear me out here.

For one, it has comedy and the amazing dry wit of Ryan ReynoldsComing back as Deadpool for his second outing.  And two, that’s really all I needed to say it was better, oh and Josh Brolin is in this move too!

But for real the movie is a great way to start the summer.  The comedy, the action, the soundtrack, and all the stars of the movie just bring it together in such a way that it became even better than that of the first “Deadpool” movie.  I loved every single second of this movie.  I was in the theater, probably annoying those around me, laughing constantly and so hard that I actually had to see the movie twice to notice somethings.  Although they may have reused a lot of the same jokes from the movie, it was not corny or irritating in anyway.  No, instead it felt like a weirdly nostalgic callback to the first one, but again done in a bigger better way.

This movie introduced a new mechanic into the game by showing you can make a sequel better than the original by just redoing some of the same things that made the first one so amazing.  So, if you go to see this movie prepared to not be disappointed because you’ll be getting the 110% Deadpool you were expecting.

If I had to rate this movie it would probably one of my favorite titles in a long time.  I saw it twice, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything and I recommend that other people do that too.  I’m just nervous what Disney will do with it when the Fox merger is finished.


By Jacob