Jake’s Take: ‘Aquaman Review…Is DC Back On Track???


Marvel officially holds the throne on superhero movies, yet that does not mean no one else can make a good one.  Aquaman is an example of this. The movie was a fun and wild ride all the way through and had me smiling in the theatre throughout its entire length, like a movie should do.  Is it the best superhero movie out there? No, and I feel as though DC knows that.  Is it enough to turn the tides on Marvel? No, and DC definitely knows that.  But is it good enough to be a movie you can go and enjoy? Absolutely yes.  WARNING SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD…

I read a lot of other reviews about this movie being to long and having way to much exposition yet I did not feel that way at all.  I didn’t feel bored while watching it and to those who say these things, Avengers Infinity War was about 20 minutes longer and full of philosophical ramblings.  This movie had a great pace and showed rather than told, with many action scenes making you enjoy the entire worth of the whole film.

Now to get into the specifics of the movie.  The casting was absolutely fantastic with Jason Momoa at the helm as Aquaman and his love interest Mera (Amber Heard), facing off against Patrick Wilson who plays his brother, and the King of Atlantis, Orm.  The movie is also chalk full of veteran actors such as “Nicole Kidman”, “Willem Dafoe” and “Dolph Lundgren” taking the parts as powerful Atlantians.  After speaking about the cast I have to talk about the costuming, this is the best costuming I have seen in any movie is a very long time.  The designs of all the suits were slim and sleek while also being simple yet popping out so you notice every little detail, everything you would want from the designs of the costume department.  And the costumes were complimented by great cgi effects.  If you could call a movies CGI nearly flawless it would be this one.

In the end I did not leave that theatre disappointed like I honestly thought I would be going in. This movie had substance and the only complaint I can really muster up about it is that at some points it felt as though the dialogue was written by a depressed teenager who lives by the ocean. Yet if you go into the movie and take off your Marvel goggles, you will leave with a smile and a sense of seeing something enjoyable and not depressing from DC.



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