Jakes Take: A Darker Side Of The Flash


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There’s not much to say yet except… wow!  This season is really kicking it off with a bang, it’s honestly a great show and every episode has kept me entertained from beginning to end… even though there has only been around 3 episodes so far.  Although it’s really quite good, I’ve noticed something about the show.

The show has always prided itself on being a happier more fictional show than it’s gritty more realistic counterpart, “Arrow”.  Yet something this season seems off.  This season seems rather darker.  Now you can argue that last season was a little dark with Zoom and all, but this time it feels different.  This season they’re not only dealing with dark characters, but also dark story lines and dark histories and backgrounds for characters.  I wonder if this change is likely due to add more character development to the characters and show how much Barry screwed up at the end of season 2.

Property of The CW

This show has definitely got me hooked, by not only being a comic book fan, but  also because it is just so good.  It’s third season is definitely doing better than “Arrow’s” third season, which was kinda boring and felt like it took forever.  I say if you’ve followed the show so far, you will obviously love this season, and if you haven’t you will for sure enjoy it.