Is This The End Of Invader Zim? “Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus” Review

Netflix and Nickelodeon are kicking butt this month by bringing back amazing and classic shows for one special. “Rocko’s Modern Life” got the new 21st century animation treatment, and now “Invader Zim” follows shortly behind it with a new and improved version. And wow are they both amazing.

Whereas “Rocko’s Modern Life” dealt with real world issues such as the concept of change, “Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus” decided to reel back on hitting hard topics and provided a special dedicated to long time Zim fans.

Updating the comedy and animation, the special still felt like an old episode of the original show. With all the original voice actors returning, I felt like a child again while watching it. It was rather interesting watching it compared to the Rocko special and realizing the two different routes that these specials decided to take. Rocko decided to take a new step in a new direction, whereas Zim’s special followed the motto “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

The only changes that I felt it had came in the form of its comedy. They adopted a new “Rick and Morty“-esque comedy style. This could have been done due to the inclusion of Justin Roiland within the cast. Yet, if you think about it, “Invader Zim” somewhat had that “Rick and Morty” type of comedy before even “Rick amd Morty”, although the comedy was of course aimed more at children.

They also switched up the animation style a bit, adding subtle tweaks and going for a more roundish style rather than the polygon and triangular style that the original is known for. Even though it was updated, the animation style kept the same feeling as original, giving a nice nostalgia kick to it.

On a final note, the plot for the special was rather amazing. Instead of Zim creating a half-brained plan, that goes down hill from his own stupidity like the original show, he instead takes a different route. Yet, still managed to stay in tune with the original source material, it just shows you that the original show was way before it’s time, and that it would really stick out in the animation landscape today.

Overall, the special was amazing and i highly recommend it. The comedy was on point, the animation was beautiful, and the story was comedic genius as well as being interesting. All generations can find entertainment in this improved modern day version of the 2001-2006 television show. The show also created a potential ending to the series, fitting of the show, so good job Nickelodeon you did it again.


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