Now if you have been paying any attention to the world as of late, will notice that the end of 2018 marked one of the greatest years in video game history. With the competition for best game set between God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Red Dead Redemption 2. RDR2 was a clear winner to some yet God of War managed to take the gold in the end. Why?

Both the games had fantastic stories and amazing graphics that blew their entire fan base away. And both some what had the same basis of storyline of the main character trying to find themselves and come to peace with what they are, yet one was set in the days of the Wild West and the other set in Norse mythology. The games differed in details and game play, with Red Dead Redemption 2 having much more little details and much more to do overall. Then you might have asked, why did God Of War win?

God Of War won because it’s simplicity. It was a testing ground to see if people still wanted it, and I made the experience feel different. Returning to RDR2, I came to realization that it’s the same thing. Halfway through the game I realized it’s repetitive, not just the story but the missions. Rob a bank, get into a gunfight with the law, run away. Rob a train, get into a gunfight with a rival gang, run away. It got repetitive, not saying it wasn’t fun, but I sort of want some variety in there. You could say the same about God Of War reusing the same boss with different colors, but that didn’t matter because the atmosphere changed up the whole feeling and some had different attacks.

To wrap it up, replaying Red Dead Redemption 2, I feel as though it was very repetitive and may have had a massive amount of detail and things for you to do, but does that really matter when you’ve done it already a million times? They are both great games in their own ways, yet you can somewhat see the flaws in them while replaying them, I emphasize you play both these games and form your own opinions. And by no way am I saying RDR2 is a bad game, in the repetitiveness is you can somewhat find that the world is very lively and keeps you entertained. But, again I encourage those who have not played these games to go out and enjoy them for yourself.